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Just The Music :: Moog Guitar, Moogerfoogers & Multi-Pedal

Moog Synths and Modular Sequencing :: Expanded Textures

Mixing Control Voltages :: Creating Complex Modulations

MuRF Syncing - Gate Method :: make eight analog filters dance

The Moog Guitar, Moogerfoogers & Multi-Pedal :: Instrument, effects and control… a look at some of the many performance and sound design possibilities

Interlude for Moog Guitar, Moogerfoogers & Multi-Pedal :: extended musical example… went a bit crazy on the video editing

Moog Little Phatty - Alternate Scales :: an exercise in Maqaam Husayni

Moog Little Phatty Arpeggiator, MIDI & CV Applications :: A look at the wonderful world of tempo-synced control voltages

Stereo Ring Modulation with the Moog MF-102 :: Tips, tricks and just plain magic

I Sing with an Electric Voice :: Vocoders, Filters, MIDI-Controlled Auto-Tune and Theremins… what could be more fun?

Family Groove :: The Moog Voyager, Little Phatty & Slim Phatty all singing together

Moog Slim Phatty & Little Phatty Performance Example :: Some useful ideas

Intelligent Harmonizers :: …not just for vocals

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